2018 Funding and Resource Update

As we look forward to the second quarter of 2018, I am excited to share a recap of our quarter one activity and what we have aligned for continued progress this year. As with any company, funding is critical to our success. I am pleased to share that additional funding was secured through private investment at the end of 2017, as was reported in our most recent 10-K. This additional round of funding reflects the optimism of our investors, and allows us to continue The Coretec Group’s mission to commercialize CHS technology in 2018. In addition to welcoming Dr. Ramez Elgammal, VP of Technology, onto our team in December, we have secured the services of PR and technical marketing resources, to build awareness and educate our target markets. These recent additions round out our existing team of talented leaders, all of whom bring decades of start-up and technical business experience. As our team works toward building additional market validation, I look forward to sharing our continued progress with you throughout the year.
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