CHS Product Data Sheet

The Coretec Group's Cyclohexasilane™

6x the Silicon For Superior Performance

The Coretec Group’s Cyclohexasilane (Si6H12) is a higher order silane that is transported and stored as a liquid and can be processed as a liquid or gas.

Features & Benefits

Liquid Transport And Storage


Fast Deposition Rate

Long Shelf Life

Low Temperature Transformation

Process As A Liquid Or Gas


The Coretec Group’s Cyclohexasilane is ideal for applications where purity, safety, fast deposition rate and low-temperature deposition of silicon and/or doped silicon (C, Ge, B, Co and P) are important, such as:

  • Li-ion Battery
  • Atomic Layer Deposition, PECVD, CVD, and plasma-based processes
  • Silicon Quantum Dots
  • Solar
  • Printed Electronics

Application sell sheets are available upon request.

Technical Properties

Transformation Of Cyclohexasilane (CHS) / : Si6H12)

Examples of Cyclohexasilane in Applications of Use

  • Solution based synthesis of crystalline silicon from liquid silane through laser and chemical annealing
  • Aerosol assisted atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition silicon thin film
  • Low temperature colloidal synthesis of silicon nanorods
  • Synthesis of silicon quantum dots
  • Silicon nanoscrystals with band gap emission
    *publication available upon request

Storage and Shelf Life

Shelf life is two years at 0°C when stored under nitrogen.


Before handling, read the product Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), which is available upon request.


The information contained herein represents product knowledge at time of publication and is intended to serve as guidance on potential product development only. It is not a guarantee or warranty of product use, safety, or suitability for specific applications.