Endurion Battery

Developing Silicon Anodes

Extending the life of lithium-ion batteries

Endurion is The Coretec Group’s battery development program. The Coretec Group is applying its expertise in silicon nanoparticles to develop silicon anodes for lithium-ion batteries. Endurion uses silicon to develop batteries that last longer and charge faster.

Theoretical Charge Capacity

The main components of a lithium ion battery are  current collectors, anode, cathode, separator, and electrolyte. Traditionally, the anode has been graphite (a particular form of carbon). The Endurion solution addresses a very particular form of silicon intended for use in the anode. 

Many in the industry believe silicon to be the next logical step change in battery anode chemistry, owning to its theoretical 10x charge capacity over traditional graphite anodes, low electrochemical potential vs Li/L+, natural abundance, and potential integration into existing manufacturing methods.

However, such developments have been plagued by a lack of mechanical integrity, poor cycling stability, and poor conductivity. 

As opposed to traditional “intercalation” chemistry characteristics of graphite anodes, silicon anodes use “alloying” chemistry to incorporate lithium ions into its structure, leading to up to a 3-4x expansion and contraction during typical cycling of such anodes. 

This expansion and contraction ultimately cause the anode to break down and sever contact with the current collector, rendering them useless.

Using bottom-up chemical modifications to silicon nanoparticles, Endurion is solving this problem.

Endurion Characteristics​

Increased Energy Density


Enhanced Performance

Larger Capacity


Faster Charging

Industry Applications

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