3DIcon and Coretec featured by Greentech Media, other prominent industry trade publications

We are pleased to announce that 3DIcon and Coretec have recently been featured in several prominent industry trade publications, highlighting our work with cyclohexasilane (CHS), a silicon derivative, in regards to energy storage. Greentech Media, one of the most influential energy and sustainability publications in the world, today featured our CHS technology in its story, “Is Liquid Silicon the Key to Better Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes?” The piece details the efforts of 3DIcon and Coretec to commercialize new material for lithium-ion battery anode production via CHS. An excerpt from the piece is below:

CHS has a number of advantages over commonly used monosilane, according to Doug Freitag, vice president of technology and business development at 3DIcon. The first is that CHS packs more silicon per molecule than monosilane does. 

However, monosilane is a colorless, flammable gas at room temperature, which means it is difficult and costly to store and move around. 

CHS, on the other hand, can exist as a liquid at room temperature, greatly simplifying storage and transport — thus potentially helping to reduce manufacturing costs or enable new production processes.

3DIcon and Coretec’s CHS technology has also recently been featured by The American Ceramic Society and AltEnergyMag, both of which discussed the potential for the technology within lithium-ion batteries, while Chemical Engineering Magazine discussed the applications of CHS within other technologies like semiconductors and printable electronics. “We are excited to see the interest in our technology and commercialization processes within key trade media publications,” said Doug Freitag, VP of technology and business development. “The exposure will be important as we continue to seek out viable collaborations within the industry, and also serves as validation of our efforts thus far in the commercialization of our technology.” To see more coverage of 3DIcon and Coretec, visit our In the News section, or sign up for Company email alerts.
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