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3DIcon’s Doug Freitag, VP of Technology and Business Development, recently contributed an article to Med Device Online highlighting potential applications for the company’s 3D imaging technologies within the medical market. Med Device Online is a leading source of news and insights relating to the medical device industry, covering early product development of medical devices, diagnostics, and equipment. It is read by designers, engineers, system integrators, and others involved in the design, development, and manufacturing of medical devices. An introduction to the article can be found below:

Medical imaging (X-ray, MRI, ultrasounds, etc.) is used to create visual representations of the interior of the body for clinical analysis and medical intervention of complex diseases in a short period of time. The medical imaging market is poised to grow significantly over the next five years as medical providers continue to seek innovative ways to enhance patient care – it was worth as much as $24.39 billion in 2012 and is predicted to grow to $35.35 billion by 2019.

Traditional medical imaging systems provide 2D visual representations of human organs while more advanced digital medical imaging systems (e.g. X-ray CT) can create both 2D and in many cases 3D images of human organs. Systems capable of 3D digital medical imaging are currently only a small part of the overall medical imaging market — projected to hit $2.9 billion by 2020 – but it has effectively doubled in size over the last two years and is already rapidly expanding into practice areas such as oncology, orthopedics, obstetrics/gynecology, cardiology, and dentistry.

Displays are an integral part of these digital medical imaging systems. Current systems are being provided with displays that can only visually represent the imaging data collected in 2D or at best in simulated 3D on 2D. As advances continue to be made in 3D displays, including glasses-free 3D volumetric displays, the potential applications are endless. Some key verticals within medicine that can benefit from 3D imaging are outlined [in the full article].

For the full article, please visit Med Device Online.
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