3DIcon Joint Development Partner SCHOTT Defense Highlights Benefits of the CSpace® 3D Volumetric Display Technology

In March of this year 3DIcon entered a joint development partnership with SCHOTT Defense (“SCHOTT”) to further develop the image material for the Company’s CSpace® volumetric 3D display technology and enhance access to federal business and innovation opportunities. Today SCHOTT published a lengthy post on their corporate blog describing its work with 3DIcon and its view of the future of the Company’s volumetric 3D display in the defense arena and elsewhere.  What follows are excerpts from the blog post, which I invite you to view in its entirety on the SCHOTT blog at
 “From radar, sonar, x-ray, laser, and multispectral technologies, new imaging systems are offering more options for warfighters to gain a strategic advantage in situational awareness. And, the next big advance could provide the most comprehensive view yet. 3D volumetric displays could give warfighters a glasses-free, full color, high-resolution three-dimensional perspective of the battlespace — on, above, and even below it, depending on the environment.” “3D volumetric displays will be key to the ongoing development and evolution of display technology. The latest research and development out of SCHOTT Defense’s joint development partner, 3DIcon, offers a glimpse of that future.”
The post went on to identify the following additional 5 applications of 3D volumetric displays which could transform the wider world: (i) “Faster airport security checks and border crossings;” (ii) “Safer air traffic control;” (iii) “Better preparations for natural disasters and natural resources conservation;” (iv) “More accurate oil and gas exploration;” and (v) “Greater visibility during medical operations.” SCHOTT and 3DIcon are pursuing joint development agreements with potential partner companies and funding from the full gamut of interested federal agencies.
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