A Visit to Polaris Battery Lab

By Dr. Nathanael Downes, Research Scientist

Earlier this month, I spent some time in beautiful Portland, Oregon at Polaris Battery Labs (Polaris). It was exciting to work with and learn from the team at Polaris who have years of experience in battery testing and development. Polaris is committed to helping companies, like The Coretec Group, develop their technology and navigate the complex battery ecosystem.  

To go from originating an idea, to taking it through the many testing phases, and pursuing commercial application – the process of developing a new EV battery technology requires a lot of work, and we’re fortunate to be working with Polaris Battery Labs. The team at Polaris helped develop the slurry, characterize the rheological properties, and cast/made electrodes from our unique artificial SEI Silicon nanoparticles. Battery development is an art in as far as it is a science, and I am glad to have seen Polaris’ disciplined approach to slurry development. 

Polaris is a collective of excellent scientists at the cutting edge of battery characterization and development, helping to expedite the initial phases of product development for companies in the battery industry. We at The Coretec Group have greatly benefitted from our work with Polaris to date, and we’re thankful for the privilege to continue our endeavors together. 

On a personal note, I had the opportunity to take some time to explore the Oregon area and was gifted with unseasonably beautiful weather. Consequently, I went to the coast, hiked Ecola state park (pictured), saw the famed Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, and explored the area. Later, I saw the Portland Japanese garden and went to a local coffee shop to attend a poetry reading. Between eating at a Burmese restaurant (and a Swedish diner) and participating in the development of our anode material, I had a fantastic trip to Portland. 

We’re excited with the progress so far and are looking forward to achieving more of our Endurion goals in the coming months. 


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