Article: Silicon Anode Batteries, The Future of EV Charging

At The Coretec Group, we’ve been staunch advocates for the continual advancement of electric vehicles (EVs). Whether it’s the need for new specialist partners or battery technologies, we understand that to make EVs a consumer-friendly alternative, new innovations need to be incorporated into the batteries to make them cost-effective and convenient.  Last month, The Coretec Group’s CEO, Michael Kraft, spoke to online sustainable news and commentary resource, Triple Pundit, about this exact concern, spotlighting how in order for EVs to scale up we’ll need to see a more robust fast-charging network using silicon anode batteries. His article, “Silicon Anode Batteries: The Future of EV Charging” takes a look at the growing interest in EV technologies, and the barriers to consumer adoption.  Auto manufacturers are committing to create a more sustainable future with the introduction of new EVs- GM announced a strategy to produce 20 new models of affordable EVs, Chevy introduced an electric pickup, and Tesla introduced its Cybertruck. While each vehicle is impressive in its own right, they’re still limited in their distance and charging capabilities.  To get consumers to fully commit to purchasing and using an EV, we need to double the distance they can travel per charge and drop charging times from hours to minutes. This is where next-generation silicon-anode batteries come into play. Using silicon material advancements, these batteries can fast charge over 80 percent of their capacity in five to 10 minutes, without physically damaging the battery, which makes them better suited for long-distance travel.  Kraft gives us a look into the silicon materials that are making these batteries possible including the company’s cyclohexasilane (CHS) technology which can create better batteries amenable to fast charging without degradation while managing battery swelling during charging. To see the full story and learn more about how these advancements could bring EVs into your driveway faster, please click the link below.
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