“Cars Are Just the Start”

“Cars are just the start” is the subhead of an article published last week by Bloomberg titled How Batteries Went From Primitive Power to Global Domination, a story that reflects the high growth market opportunity we feel exists for battery innovation. We’ve made it clear that we believe one of Coretec’s first commercial applications for CHS is by introducing silicon into lithium ion batteries or when manufacturing silicon-based microelectronics and printable/flexible electronics. The graphic below, courtesy of Avicenne, illustrates it best: Global Lithium Ion Battery Sales As we have mentioned, CHS can coat carbon nanoparticles as a liquid, making the coating process faster and cheaper. Further, with some unique processing, CHS can readily form Si nanoparticles which can address the issue of expansion and contraction experienced in charging and discharging Si anode lithium-ion batteries. A lithium-ion battery, however, with a Si anode has the potential to achieve a 300% increase in power density (300% more power output in same size/weight battery). Our technology could also reduce battery weight and attain a significant increase in power. Think of an electric car battery half the size but with a 150% increase in power and distance. All other things being equal, that 200-mile EV range just turned into 500 miles! Readers, partners, and shareholders – it is this rising tide that our team at Coretec is committed to commercializing technology for and rising along with. We thought you would find this article of interest, and hope to hear from you soon.  Please read the article, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
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