Commercialization of CSpace

Shareholder Call Series – Part 5 For those shareholders who have been with us for a while, many are familiar with one of our first technologies CSpace. The CSpace product was developed in a doped glass, offering a successful demonstration of the volumetric image display. The hurdle we’ve faced with commercialization of CSpace is the size and scale that doped glass can currently reach. When creating a usable size, the doped glass becomes very heavy and not practical. Doped polymers are a possible solution, but we have not yet had the resources to complete that development. We have identified sources including a foreign university that can help us with that, or the University of Michigan right here in Ann Arbor, which has an optics and photonics department. However, at the present time we’re not funding or putting resources into these projects to focus on the commercialization of CHS. Coretec does continue to maintain our IP in that space with patents licensed out of the University of Oklahoma. The intent of the IP with CSpace is that we could either license that IP or we could sponsor additional development, but for now, we continue to prioritize CHS development and commercialization. To learn more about Coretec’s commercialization of CSpace, please see pages three and four of the July 2020 shareholder call transcript or visit our expanded blog post on this subject.
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