Company Update: 3DIcon to Submit NIH Grant Request

The National Institute of Health has issued a request for proposals (“RFP”) from small businesses that support Biomedical Technology Development, including tools to image neurological systems that have already passed the proof of principle stage. The opportunity, published by NIH Guides and Contracts, seeks “applications intended to develop enabling technologies that could apply to the interests of most NIH institutes and Centers and range from basic biomedicine to research in all relevant organ systems and diseases.” 3DIcon has identified the funding opportunity as one that aligns directly with its developing next-generation volumetric, 360°, 3D imaging technology. Traditional medical imaging technology, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is only 2D, limiting data and information for physician review. As volumetric imaging technologies advance, medical personnel will be better positioned during training, when diagnosing health problems, and before as well as during surgical procedures. 3DIcon intends to submit a grant request entitled “3D Volumetric Display of Neurological Data provided by MRI Imaging” under this RFP prior to year-end.  3DIcon will seek materials such as user feedback, letters of recommendation, etc. from strategic partners to meet NIH’s expectations for supporting criteria, and has secured a strong letter of support from a nationally recognized medical institution, which will be submitted as part of the grant request. If the grant is awarded, 3DIcon will seek these strategic partners to join 3DIcon and SCHOTT Defense, a federal focused subsidiary of SCHOTT North America, Inc., in the effort to further develop and demonstrate glasses-free 3D volumetric display technology for neurological imaging. In March, 2014 – 3DIcon entered into a strategic joint development partnership with SCHOTT Defense to provide expertise in laser-activated glass that is an enabling technology for 3DIcon’s display technology.
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