Competitive Advantage (LEDs)

Shareholder Call Series – Part 8 LEDs are integrated into our daily lives, and future applications are endless.  However, current generation LEDs need an upgrade in performance and intensity. Next-generation LEDs can get that upgrade with CHS quantum dots (QDs) and will be an integral part of the high growth markets of vertical agriculture, high-intensity area lighting, and COVID-19 decontamination efforts. CHS is liquid silicon that can be uniquely used at low-temperatures to create a highly desirable and cost-effective amorphous QD. Next generation LEDs made with amorphous QDs can be customizable across a vast color spectrum, and include UV-A, UV-B and UV-C, hyper-reds, deep reds, deep blues, and more.  This ability to customize them makes them suitable for a number of high-growth market applications: Vertical Agriculture Global food security is a growing concern as global leaders pull in technological innovations and forward-thinking solutions to find new ways to feed the expected 10 billion people populating the earth by 2050.  QD LEDs enable cost effective vertical farming and with specific frequencies of light increase certain desired characteristics like higher vitamin content or increased CBD per plant. QD LEDs also enhance the shelf life of fruits and vegetables and improve the quality of fruits & vegetables shipped from farm to table. High Intensity Lighting Current generation LEDs are not able to serve the high intensity lighting market because generating that level of light generates too much heat and causes LED failure.  Next generation LEDs, QD LEDs, are able to produce high-intensity lighting without the heat generation and reduce large area lighting costs.  QD LEDs open up huge markets in large area lighting, such as: street, subway, & stadium lighting. These LEDs would emulate natural light while giving off greater light output without fear of overheating or damage to the LEDs.  UV Decontamination CHS QD LEDs also enable UV LED lighting, specifically the UV-C range and makes this technology more accessible.  UV-C LEDs are a cost effective method for surface decontamination of microbes such as COVID-19 and other viruses. CHS QD LEDs can be customized to be thin, optically transparent, and flexible, achieving the desired narrow frequencies for UV-C light and can deliver a solution the whole world needs for decontamination.  To learn more about Coretec’s IP portfolio, please see pages four, five and six of the July 2020 shareholder call transcript or visit our expanded blog post on this subject.
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