Competitive Advantage (Semiconductors)

Shareholder Call Series – Part 9 Semiconductor manufacturers are constantly seeking new material advancements to make next generation chips. CHS offers unique properties that address design, cost, and production challenges, giving Coretec an edge within the silicon semiconductor market.  Today’s silicon precursors require high temperatures to deposit silicon onto the wafer, which can end up damaging next generation chip designs resulting in yield loss. CHS on the other hand can do what today’s silicon precursor materials cannot, deliver silicon at a much lower processing temperature. CHS enables new processes for high-power semiconductors and needed lower temperatures for next generation semiconductor chips. Furthermore, it opens up doors to new possibilities, including more effective production of flexible or thin film electronics that would otherwise be damaged in the high-temperature deposition process. And CHS enables new designs of semiconductor chips, including low-power chips that must generate less heat – a challenge many chip manufacturers are investing millions in to address. To learn more about Coretec’s CHS for semiconductors, please see pages four, five and six of the July 2020 shareholder call transcript or visit our expanded blog post on this subject.
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