Coretec Pens “Higher Energy Density Key to Improved Li-ion Battery Performance” For Leading Trade Publication

As we have shared previously, there are multiple reasons why we have increased efforts to demonstrate our expertise and forward-thinking with respect to battery design and how it relates to our own product development. One, our current and perspective shareholders deserve every opportunity to read about the trends we’re seeing in the industries we strive to serve, as well as our own efforts in making that vision a reality. Two, we are laser-focused on continuing to build new relationships and advance current discussions with potential joint development partners who we believe would be ideal fits to help scale our technology in a number of high growth publications. This is why I am pleased to share today that Product Design and Development, a leading magazine delivering the latest in new products and application trends to the design engineer, has published Higher Energy Density Key To Improved Li-ion Battery Performance, a contributed article authored by myself and VP of Technology Ramez Elgammal. In this article, we describe the historic challenges of developing an anode with improved battery density and why this lack of progress has hindered greater battery efficiency. We also highlight the high-growth applications for which improved anode efficiency would reduce overall costs, and why we believe Cyclohexasilane (CHS) possesses such incredible market potential in addressing these issues. As we continue to become more vocal in our corporate objectives by referencing the clear need in the market for technologies like CHS, the opportunity to demonstrate capabilities and share our expertise on the public stage becomes more crucial. We hope to remain a leading voice in this sector, and hope you will take the time to read the article. Thank you, CEO Michael Kraft
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