Coretec Statement on the Coronavirus

All, in trying times like these, we feel it is incredibly important to communicate effectively and transparently to the public including our partners, potential customers and shareholders. Regarding our business, we have two key points to make. One, we are closely watching the news and data surrounding the coronavirus, however, we are continuing to hire and are taking precautions with our growing staff to account for their safety. Two, the virus has not impacted our business nor our development efforts with customers and partnerships, including developments with our European CHS Supplier. For the time being, we do not expect the coronavirus to disrupt our business development efforts. Like you, we are closely watching news and data surrounding the coronavirus, and will continue to update the public as necessary. We value the health of our team and the communities we live in and are hoping for the best outcomes possible. Once again, the most important thing right now is the health of individuals and their respective communities.  Thank you, Coretec CEO Michael Kraft
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