Coretec to Present at Flexible and Printed Electronics Conference

As a result of the recent acquisition by 3DIcon Corp. (the “Company”) of Coretec Industries, LLC, the Company, through Coretec, is pursuing exciting opportunities involving Coretec’s proprietary silicone-based technology, which includes applications in the printable electronics space. The most prestigious Conference hosting presentations involving printable  electronics is the Annual Flexible and Printed Electronics Conference (the “FLEX”).  This year’s FLEX Conference will be held in Monterey, CA, June 19-22. We are pleased to announce that of the hundreds of “abstracts”  (brief summaries of the findings and questions to be presented) submitted for possible  presentation at the 2017 FLEX, the Company’s submission has been accepted for inclusion and presentation by Doug Freitag, Vice President of Technology for  the Company. The 2017 FLEX brings together world leaders in flexible and printed electronics in an environment conducive to formal and informal information-exchange, networking, and business collaboration. The event attracts technical representatives from over 400 companies, universities, R&D labs, and government agencies from around the world. Selected presenters receive acknowledgement in the 2017FLEX program guide, on the conference website and in the conference proceedings. The abstract submitted by the Company is provided below.  Liquid Silicon Ink for Printable Active Components A newly developed “liquid silicon” precursor will be discussed. Cyclohexasilane (CHS; Si6H12) has been used to make silicon-based films (such as polysilicon, silicon nitride, silicon carbide and others), as well as silicon nanowires and quantum dots will be discussed. CHS offers a more versatile, lower-cost and safer pathway to a variety of silicon based products being considered for flexible and printable electronics.
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