Coretec updates CHS manufacturing progress, patent filing and next steps

The Coretec Group has exciting updates to share. The commercialization path of Coretec’s cyclohexasilane (CHS) liquid silicon is making progress with new developments in establishing a manufacturing partner and securing the desired patents. To keep you up to date, some of our key highlights are shared below.  Progress is being made with securing a CHS manufacturing partner In December 2019, we reported that our team was evaluating a potential partner for CHS manufacturing. At that time, The Coretec Group met with a European-based global materials manufacturer. During this meeting, both parties confidentially shared IP, reviewed the patent landscape and discussed a potential supplier partnership.  Discussions continue as we evaluate the quoted cost and timeline required for this company to supply CHS in small and high volumes – an important step for commercializing and bringing CHS to market. We are making progress and plan to share additional updates in the coming months.  To learn more about our initial meeting, you can view our blog post, linked here. We will also continue to share updates as this potential partnership progresses on our blog, and our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages.  Laying the groundwork for a full patent filing Coretec has secured a non-public provisional patent on CHS manufacturing, which protects our IP and planned commercialization process for CHS for a full calendar year.   Our team has worked to develop and refine the specific claims we want to include in the full patent filing, which will protect CHS and its process from competitors, and are finalizing its filing to meet the upcoming deadline. Meanwhile, Coretec has and will continue to have, protectable IP in CHS manufacturing as well as in applications that utilize CHS to improve performance such as solar, LED, battery and printable electronics. Shareholder call and Q&A Finally, on Tuesday, April 7th, we will hold a shareholder call to highlight these and other updates, as well as take questions from our shareholders about the Company’s activity and strategic goals. To submit questions prior, please fill out our Contact Us form and include your question in the comments section prior to March 27, 2020. We will provide additional details in the coming days. To learn more about these updates, please contact us at 918-494-0509.
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