Coretec’s IP Portfolio

Shareholder Call Series – Part 10 Over this past year, we strengthened our IP position and built our portfolio through a series of patents and provisional patents around our CHS technology.  When it comes to filing patents, there is a standard process that everyone follows and I’d like to touch on what Coretec is doing, and what progress we’ve made.  It is worth noting that Coretec, in all cases, completes a patent landscape to ensure our claims are novel and do not infringe on other existing patents. First, you file a provisional patent to protect the filing date and log your IP with the patent office. After a provisional filing a person has 12 months to refine and expand on those claims, and then you’re required to file a full patent application within the next 6 months or you lose your filing date, you lose that IP. The US Patent Office publishes a patent application after 6 months; which is 18 months after a provisional patent has been filed. Coretec filed a provisional patent for CHS synthesis in March 2019 and then filed a full patent application a year later in March 2020. In June, we filed a provisional patent on a new LED design using CHS, a new LED structure, which we intend on filing a full patent for this technology on or before June 2021. It is important with these provisional patents that Coretec’s ideas, secrets, and IP are kept confidential until the full patent is completed to protect the technology. This is a strategic move for us to stay competitive and keep our competitors from filing other patents around our ideas, which would limit the commercial potential that we have for these innovations. To learn more about Coretec’s IP portfolio, please see page seven of the July 2020 shareholder call transcript or visit our expanded blog post on this subject.
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