Feedback from The Battery Power Show

The Battery Show in Novi Michigan, the largest battery show in America, was attended by over 8000 industry professionals, and 600 vendors. One clear take-away — the electric vehicle trend is large and gaining momentum. Countries including France, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, India and others have put in place regulations to ban combustion vehicles, spurring rapid growth. The overall theme of The Battery Show was improving battery technology, and a clear example of this was the prevalent discussion for how to use silicon to get the most gain in Power Capacity (Watt Hours). Coretec met with several companies eager to evaluate and leverage CHS’ value in making their own advanced Li Ion batteries. As a logical next step, Coretec will work with them to cement plans to evaluate CHS as a premier Si precursor to improve the performance of their next generation Li Ion battery. The Technical Conference was also well attended, including Dr. Elgammal’s presentation entitled “Tunable Syntheses of Advanced Silicon Anodes Using Cyclohexasilane,“ which was very well received by attendees. In fact, many of those in the room had immediate follow-up questions for Dr. Elgammal and Michael Kraft. Overall, the experience expanded Coretec’s potential customer base, positioned the technology very well as a premier Si precursor, and identified several strategic partners to help Coretec with R&D as well as distribution and customer service. The growth of the EV sector as noted above, combined with the extensive growth of electronic mobility, drives huge demand for lithium ion batteries. According to some market reports, the lithium ion battery market will reach $100-140B by 2026-2027 with a 17% CAGR, making it one of the largest and fastest growing markets worldwide. Billions of dollars are invested annually to improve the current Li Ion battery which has reached 90% of theoretical energy storage capacity. With the largest improvement in energy capacity reached by adding silicon, the potential exists for a 300% improvement.
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