Free Webinar: Tunable Syntheses of Advanced Silicon Anodes Using Cyclohexasilane

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, the 2020 Battery Show North America typically held in Novi, MI was changed from in person attendance to a virtual show. The Coretec Group intended to participate in the Technical Conference and introduce cyclohexasilane as a premier silicon precursor. In lieu of the ability to deliver this content in person, we are offering Dr. Elgammal’s (VP of Technology – The Coretec Group) pre-recorded webinar “Tunable Syntheses of Advanced Silicon Anodes Using Cyclohexasilane” to you via our webpage.   The Coretec Group (CRTG) has developed a commercially scalable process for creating cyclohexasilane (CHS), a higher order silane, with potential in many applications including lithium ion batteries, LED lighting, semiconductors, printed electronics, and solar. It is clear that the advancement of CHS will be vital to the development of future applications in these industries, many of which are considered high growth markets. This particular webinar focuses specifically on CHS’ potential in silicon anode development, including an order of magnitude higher deposition rate, and an ability to deposit amorphous silicon structures at lower temperatures, both with reasonable production costs as compared to lithium ion batteries with graphite anodes. Additionally, capability for modified forms of CHS tailored to the specific end use is possible, including p and n doping.  Dr. Elgammal also answers several previously submitted questions relevant to the use of CHS in practice including safety protocols, appropriate supports for deposition, and availability of samples for evaluation. If you are interested in learning more about CHS’ capabilities in the battery sector, click the link below to access Dr. Elgammal’s full webinar presentation. The Coretec team will continue to share presentations and insights like these both virtually and (eventually) at physical events, in the near future. Check out the free webinar here.
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