Investments in CHS

Shareholder Call Series – Part 11 Coretec has always been able to fund the company through access to the public markets; we’re a publicly held company and our majority shareholders have always been a big part of that.  We have every reason to believe this will continue.  We have achieved some significant milestones in the past year and these past months. I think that with continued momentum and success in the next steps of CHS commercialization I have no worry that we’ll be able to raise the funds needed, and we’ll continue to grow Coretec. Simon Calton, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Carlton James Group, spoke on why his company has chosen to invest in Coretec and his thoughts on Coretec’s recent activity.  Simon stated, “Carlton James invests in multiple industries and asset classes across the globe and I was the first investor to Coretec Industries many years ago. Today, we continue to invest in the evolution of the company. While many investors came from the 3DIcon side of the Merger, Carlton James first invested into Coretec Industries, and now its external fund is invested into The Coretec Group.” When asked, “What’s the most exciting thing you’re investing in at the moment?” Simon noted that he always responds with Coretec, because the company and the CHS technology have the opportunity to make a significant difference in multiple industries. With that, there is a huge amount of potential for profit for the shareholders.  Simon noted his excitement surrounding the growth and milestones the company has hit over the past couple of months. “We now have a supply agreement, we have a good structure, and good customers that the guys are talking to. We’ve got an office which combines all of the team, so they’re all together. The leaps and bounds which have been made over this last year have just been amazing”. Most importantly, Simon noted how Coretec is starting to make headway on achieving the claims it has said its technology could accomplish this past year. “When you look at Si6H12, when you look at CHS, when you look at CSpace, if you look at everything that the company does, it has so many different applications. Up until very recently have we been talking about what we’re going to do and what we could do. Over these last two months we’ve successfully accomplished some important milestones; the additional patents, the additional relationships that we’ve formed, the supply agreement that we have, the moving of the offices. We are now in a position where we wanted to be,” said Simon.  To learn more about Coretec’s IP portfolio, please see pages nine and ten of the July 2020 shareholder call transcript or visit our expanded blog post on this subject.
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