Looking Ahead: Coretec’s Solicitation of Customers & Partnerships

Michael Kraft’s November 2020 CEO letter delved into Coretec’s partnerships with companies like Theion and Evonik, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the interest we’ve received from the market. Coretec has been soliciting new customers and partnerships as an extremely critical component of commercial viability and corporate success – here’s how we’re doing it. Coretec is always looking to expand into new applications and find exciting areas that its CHS technology will bring next-generation technologies from concept to reality, all while pulling in new customers and partnerships along the way. Because of this forward-thinking mindset, the company has received significant interest from roughly a dozen customers in high growth markets including semiconductors, lithium-ion batteries and LEDs.  These customers are intrigued and see value in the use cases of Coretec’s CHS technology. A few examples include:
  • LEDs – The CHS technology can be lucrative for the advancement of vertical agriculture, increasing the lumens while reducing the heat of high-intensity stadium lighting and even accelerate the COVID-19 decontamination process on surfaces.
  • Semiconductors – CHS has the unique ability to deliver silicon chips at much lower temperatures than the currently used technology can, reducing the amount of damage done to the chips as they are manufactured.
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries – As our recent partnership with Theion illustrates, CHS has the potential to drastically improve the capabilities of battery anodes for EVs, electronics, energy storage and more.
The direction Coretec has taken in the last few months has been impressive, particularly as its roster of customers and partnerships grows to include companies like Theion and Evonik. But that does not mean the progress will halt there.  Because of these expanded uses of CHS technology, the Coretec team is confident that we’ll quickly start to see even more new partnerships and customers emerge in coming months. CHS represents an exciting new resource for application across many industries and technologies, and we cannot wait to show you what might come next!
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