Meet Coretec’s New Team

Shareholder Call Series – Part 2 Coretec, is a different company today compared to a short time ago – we have different products, new applications that we serve and, most importantly, we’ve worked hard to build a team and structure that has accelerated our momentum. Over the last year we brought in new talent with proven performance in Coretec’s target markets. Our current team combines the experience of veteran experts, many of whom have been with the company for many years now, along with new individuals that have impressive track records. Take a look at the talent roster below:
  • CEO – Michael Kraft – Michael is the CEO of Coretec and has been with the company for four years. He is in charge of company strategy to meet the Board’s objectives, builds the team and other partnerships, allocates resources, and oversees IP generation, operations and advancement of the company. 
  • CFO & Corporate Secretary – Matthew Hoffman – Matt joined Coretec in 2020.  Recently, he took the place of former CFO, Ron Robinson who retired in June 2020.
  • CTO – Ramez Elgammal – Ramez is the VP of Technology/CFO and has been with the company for three years. He has an integral role in restructuring and building the company’s IP portfolio.
  • Director of Business Development – Michelle Tokarz.  Michelle joined Coretec in 2020.  She leads our customer relationships and promotes product traction in all of our application markets.
  • Office Manager – Lindsay McCarthy – Lindsay joined Coretec in 2020 and took the place of Judy Keating, who retired in June 2020.  Lindsay keeps us in order and is the contact person for Coretec.
  • Advisor – Ken Evans – Ken has advised Coretec/3DIcon for many years.  He assists in the areas of financing, OTC public listing, and other financing and stock-related issues for the company.
  • Board of Directors – Serving on the board are Simon Calton, Victor Keen, and Ron Dombrowski, to round out the current Coretec team.
We could not be more excited about this team. This team has built significant momentum and is ready to innovate in any way possible to push Coretec into new applications and customers to grow the company.  To learn more about Coretec’s team, please see page two of the July 2020 shareholder call transcript
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