OCAST, Patents, and More—Answers to Frequent Shareholder Questions

Dear Shareholders, Thank you for visiting my blog and for your interest in 3DIcon. We have received many comments, questions and inquiries since the recent shareholder letter and, while we cannot answer each and every one individually, I want to tell you that I will utilize this blog platform frequently to answer as many questions as we can, consistent with securities rules. I would like to address a few of the inquiries we have received since the shareholder letter. We have had a question about the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) grant and when we receive the funds. The $300,000 matching funds grant is provided over two years and started in September 2013. We submitted a work plan and budget as part of our proposal and those were both approved by the OCAST award committee. We post progress reports with OCAST during the two year period. The comments below illustrate the outstanding job our technical and business development teams are doing. Cornell Lee Cross II, the Associate Director for Programs at OCAST, commented, “Of the 42 proposals submitted in the most recent OARS funding cycle, the 3DIcon proposal was not only selected to receive full funding, it received the highest ranking possible in that funding cycle. Our independent third-party reviewers gave the 3DIcon proposal the highest ranking possible because the proposal had 1) a very credible research & development plan; 2) a well thought out commercialization plan that took into consideration both supply chain and downstream value chain partnerships; and 3) the huge positive potential of the business and its corresponding impact on the state’s economy.” Another inquiry involved our patents. A complete list of our patents, pending and awarded, is shown in our most recent 10K. We actively review our patent status with our patent attorneys and are continually seeking to protect our intellectual property assets through a variety of strategic decisions. Another shareholder inquired about our competition. A description of our competition can be found in the latest 10K and also on our web site. While we are not privy to the plans of our competitors we believe that CSpace is the leader in the space categorized as “volumetric.” Our technical team watches the competitive landscape carefully, monitoring scientific papers and journals for new information, but management is not aware of any other companies in the volumetric space that have a more developed technology than CSpace. I encourage you to continue to send us any thoughts or comments you may have and I will answer what I can in a future post. Warm Regards, Victor Keen Chief Executive Officer
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