On the Cusp of Commercialization: Coretec’s Partnership with Evonik

This week, Coretec CEO Michael Kraft published a letter to the Company’s shareholders, sharing key updates and milestones that the team has achieved over the last few months – including a very important update on the Evonik partnership.  Michael Kraft confirmed with Evonik this week that Cyclohexasilane (“CHS”) delivery is on schedule for customer evaluations in Jan/Feb 2021. We will deliver 50g samples of CHS to customers planning to pilot the material for multiple uses such as quantum dots, silicon anodes, semiconductor chip manufacturing, and more – an exciting development in our commercialization process! Positive development results coupled with Evonik’s backing further validate that CHS is indeed scalable. Our Liquid Silicon (CHS) increases efficiency in numerous applications and with a solid partner in Evonik that can scale CHS, it is an exciting time ahead for The Coretec Group! It is a tremendous win to have such a renowned specialty chemical provider in your corner, and will be an even bigger win to have product in the customer’s hands. Both companies have a united belief that CHS has vast opportunities for commercialization and are excited to be so close to delivering the end-product to customers.  Coretec is putting in place a CHS material handling plan for CHS storage and shipping from Coretec’s Headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The distribution of samples will be available globally to provide material to international companies that represent potential customers. Initially we will focus on the US and Europe, after which we will expand to the rest of the world to reach potential customers anywhere. Further updates will be provided on the availability and distribution of the product as we get closer to the January 2021 delivery date.  This is a very important moment for us, and the Coretec team appreciates the patience and support of all of our shareholders and customers. In just a couple of months, we will have taken CHS from a concept to a reality, which we believe positions it well for future adoption and revenues.
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