Tesla Needs Silicon Anodes to Increase Battery Performance

September 2020 – Tesla’s “Battery Day,” Elon Musk and Drew Baglino shared upcoming plans for the Company’s next generation Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries.  Musk and Baglino had a clear message – the present need for silicon anodes to assist the next step in the evolution of Electric Vehicles. Silicon Anodes create a step change in both capability and utilization from current generation EV batteries. The two EV pioneers shared that, while their batteries already use a small percentage of silicon, they are planning to increase the amount used into their future battery designs. This is a notable milestone for silicon anode EV batteries. Along with The Coretec Group, the Tesla team is also betting on silicon, and has acknowledged its importance in the long run on a global stage. Consumers demand a battery that can charge faster, travel further, and last longer to help them maintain the convenience that they’ve grown accustomed to with their gas-powered vehicles. The trouble with today’s sources of silicon, as Baglino and Musk shared in their presentation, is today’s available and scalable silicon materials do not adequately address expansion, cracking and loss of capacity.   Coretec has found that silicon anodes created using Coretec’s CHS technology (Coretec’s flagship technology), have the potential to adequately address these issues and deliver on the desired performance. CHS enables nanoengineered silicon anodes that meet the demands of consumers seeking a battery capable of greater capacity, a longer life cycle, faster charging, and improved utility. As demonstrated by Tesla on their main stage, now is the time for silicon anodes as with higher battery performance, wider EV adoption occurs. Coretec’s CHS material is being designed into next generation Si anode Li Ion batteries, and will keep EV battery manufacturers competitive in this space, as we create a better balance between performance and utility.   For more information see;, or email:   
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