The Coretec Group will have limited evaluation samples of Cyclohexasilane in early 2021!

Due to demand for Phase 1 evaluation samples, The Coretec Group has now begun the pre-sale of CHS to Phase 2 evaluators.

Our team is currently working with decision-makers across several industries, including semiconductor, lithium-ion batteries, and quantum dots, as part of their Cyclohexasilane (CHS) commercialization efforts.

CHS is a molecule that exhibits unique properties which can be leveraged across many industries and applications. At ambient temperature, CHS is a liquid silicon precursor with high Si-Si bond strength and low Si-H bond strength, resulting in silicon deposition at much lower temperatures, in amorphous or crystalline form, at higher purity. These unique attributes enable significantly increased deposition rates, at lower temperatures, and result in higher quality films than those currently used in atomic layer deposition processes.

When compared to higher-order silanes that have been studied for exactly these properties, we believe that CHS bulk production by Evonik combined with Coretec’s current distribution channels and the improved cost of ownership models create unique opportunities in several applications.

In fact, Coretec is currently in talks with specialty gas suppliers, IDMs, foundries, silicon anode developers, and quantum dot manufacturers globally. Given the broad interest across these industries, we expect to learn, along with our customers, specific insights about our CHS material and how it improves performance in an array of applications.

The good news is that due to the level of interest, we are planning a Phase 2 group for customers to evaluate CHS. Phase 2 will be available when Phase 1 has been completed.

In addition, our team has identified academic partners in Phase 1 that will produce applications using CHS to validate our claims with publishable, detailed data on deposition rates and other application performance improvement characteristics.

As we build our long-term commercialization plan, we will take into account learnings from these initial studies and evaluations.

To be included in these initial evaluations, please contact us to discuss how to become a CHS evaluation partner. After Phase 1 evaluation samples are distributed in early 2021, Phase 2 evaluators will need to wait until a second round of samples become available.

You can reach Michelle Tokarz at to discuss.

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