The Secret is Silicon and Nanoengineering

A recent article from Business Insider entitled “Norwegian nanoscientists reveal a battery boasting five times conventional energy capacity – pushing EV range over 1000 km” – has generated very real interest and attention in the battery manufacturing industry.  Parts of the article tell you what you already know – there is an increased global need for better batteries. It is front page news with technology and financial media alike, and likely affects you on a daily basis (check your phone – is your phone battery dead AGAIN?). Billions (with a B!) of dollars are spent annually improving battery density to improve weight per kilowatt hour (kWh) and cost. The need spans consumer electronics as well as many industrial applications, many of which are high growth. A great example is the electric vehicle (EV) sector, one that many believe is the future of the automotive industry. Coretec also believes EVs are the car of the future, and more specifically that Si anode batteries are the future of EVs. As we have mentioned, we have continued to host discussions with several Si anode customers in consumer electronics and EV and they agree that based on several unique and novel methods to impart Si into the graphite anode, the path to higher energy density is silicon. To that effect, we are confident CHS (Si6H12) is the superior silicon precursor and can form Si nanomaterials and thin films at lower energy/temperatures and with higher purity. CHS represents a far better precursor choice over ANY other material. New materials development requires patience to commercialize, but knowing that other methods are failing, we firmly believe the future for battery design is high energy density batteries with Silicon anodes that have replaced conventional precursors with CHS.
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