Your Shareholder Call Questions Answered
Outstanding Shares, Acquisition Potential, and Strategic Partnerships

Our leadership team is committed to answering your questions and sharing the exciting plans we have for continued growth and success. As such, this post serves as first in a blog series focused on addressing specific questions asked during our July, 2017 shareholder call. What is the number of outstanding shares?  The recent merger between 3DIcon Corporation and Coretec Industries, Inc. resulted in the creation of our new company, The Coretec Group, Inc. As such, a reverse stock split was initiated, and a process for fractional shares was announced. Understandably, our shareholders have asked how those activities impacted the number of current outstanding shares. As of July 1, 2017, the number of outstanding shares totaled 46,781,423. If the company’s technology potential is as good as you say, is there a chance that a large company will buy The Coretec Group? We are at an exciting point as a company, as we work to build market validation for both Coretec HexaSilane™ (CHS) and CSpace®. During this time, our job is to work with our customers as they sample and test our product in end-market applications and prove the potential value of our technology. We are very encouraged by the response we are getting from customers in our target-markets. Once our technology is proven to deliver value in one or more applications, there is a possibility we could be acquired or individual applications of technology could be licensed or sold. You mentioned the importance of strategic partnerships in advancing company technology. Do you expect to announce significant partnerships in this calendar year? The Coretec Group will continue to pursue strategic partnerships like the one we have with Gelest. However, disclosure of any partnership agreement depends on the nature of such agreements, including willingness on the part of respective partners to provide consent for public disclosure.   If there are additional questions, we invite you to submit them to and we will attempt to answer those as well. We look forward to communicating additional answers to your questions. Follow us here, on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for the most recent communication updates. Thank you for your continuing support.
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