3DIcon featured by Medical Design Technology

3DIcon’s VP of Technology and Business Development, Doug Freitag, was recently featured in a Q&A with Medical Design Technology. In the Q&A, Doug talks about the use of 3D imaging within the medical field, and more specifically, how 3DIcon’s CSpace® technology fits into the market. Medical Design Technology aims to provide its audience of medical device engineers and corporate management with critical market information and news of developing technologies. We’re honored to have our technology featured in this publication, as the medical imaging space has long been one of the targeted industries for CSpace®. An introduction to Doug’s interview can be found below:

Meet Doug Freitag, VP of Technology and Business development for 3DIcon. Having worked in the life sciences for the past 15 years, he helped to develop a broad range of diagnostics, imaging, and trauma care technologies. 3DIcon is a public company that is in the process of developing a volumetric 3D display, arising from research done in tandem with the University of Oklahoma.

3D Icon’s imaging technology is poised to profoundly impact medical device development as well as healthcare practices. An upgrade on existing 3D imaging systems, “CSpace” provides an incredibly realistic display that you might as well be able to reach out and touch. To gain more insight, I spoke with Doug regarding CSpace’s design innovations, challenges, and potential applications.

For the full article, please go to Medical Design Technology.

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