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International Battery Seminar Shines Light on Silicon Anodes as Next Evolutionary Step for Lithium-ion Batteries

In my role as VP of Partnerships and Innovation, I am always attempting to understand current technology and market trends related to The Coretec Group’s products, and most recently, trends related to battery development as it relates to electrification. To that end, I recently attended the International Battery Seminar and Conference in Orlando, Florida. Here are my main takeaways:… Read More »

Bridging the Gap: Advancing America’s Battery Manufacturing and Supply Chain

The widespread push for electrification is driving demand for greater supplies of lithium-based batteries to power electric vehicles and expand stationary power storage. Recognizing that incremental changes to the status quo will not be enough to satisfy demand, the U.S. Department of Energy is encouraging government and industry collaboration to expand the domestic battery supply chain.… Read More »

Research Scientist Joins The Coretec Group

I attended the “TechBlick Battery Materials: Next-Gen and Beyond Lithium Ion” virtual conference in order to understand current efforts to develop the kinds of lithium-ion batteries needed for electrification.… Read More »