Nanoparticle Batteries – The next step for The Electric Vehicle Market

The Coretec Group

The Electric Vehicle (EV) market in 2019 was at 2.3 million vehicles and is projected to grow to 30 million vehicles by 2030. At the heart of this growth are government incentives and environmentally friendly policies. Policies such as the one recently enacted by the European Union, which set a goal of net-zero greenhouse gas […]

Electronic Trends, Semiconductors, and Specialty Gases

The Coretec Group

Today we see an explosion of electronics, from the surge in consumer products like smartphones and laptops to a surge in semiconductor devices and computing demand in automotive, big data, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Virtual Reality. Semiconductor devices, or chips, create the computing power driving all these electronics, and a key material in […]

Cyclohexasilane Enables Silicon Anodes

The Coretec Group

The EV industry needs more powerful, cost-effective batteries capable of addressing range anxiety, charging time, and longevity. Many chemistries and manufacturing methods are being investigated. From a material performance perspective, silicon anodes show to have the most promise. However, the question remains whether the manufacturing methods used to create these anodes retains the enhanced charge […]

CHS Liquid Silicon & Electric Vehicle Adoption: both deliver <$100/KWh Battery

The Coretec Group

The Electric Vehicle (EV) industry’s biggest need is a more powerful battery for the industry to see the growth that is required to hit the industry goals of EV adoption. Unfortunately, traditional graphite anode’s charge capacity, cycle life, charging time, and thermal runaway are limited. Leading the charge to fix this issue is silicon anode […]

The Coretec Group will have limited evaluation samples of Cyclohexasilane in early 2021!

Due to demand for Phase 1 evaluation samples, The Coretec Group has now begun the pre-sale of CHS to Phase 2 evaluators. Our team is currently working with decision-makers across several industries, including semiconductor, lithium-ion batteries, and quantum dots, as part of their Cyclohexasilane (CHS) commercialization efforts. CHS is a molecule that exhibits unique properties which can be leveraged across many industries and applications. […]

Value of Liquid Precursors and Low Temperature Depositions

Low temperature silicon deposition processes are needed for creating devices on a host of alternative substrates such as glass, polymers, or certain metal foils. When considering a commercial fabrication process, the thermal budget – temperature and time – are critical factors, and attempts to decrease the reaction temperatures and residence times in the reactor are […]

Advantages of Amorphous Silicon

Silicon can exist in several different forms. The most common form found in semiconductor devices is crystalline silicon, c-Si. While c-Si has relatively high electrical conductivity, its material properties limit its use for broader applications. There is another form of silicon, amorphous silicon, a-Si. a-Si has several distinct advantages: It may be deposited at lower […]

Cyclohexasilane Derived Doped Silicon Anodes

Suitable silicon anodes have long been sought for use in lithium ion batteries due to their order of magnitude higher charge capacity as compared to traditional graphite anodes (3580 mA/g vs. 372 mA/g).  However, initial experiments with silicon anodes revealed severe problems with cycle life as macroscopic sized silicon expands to almost 300% of its […]

Looking Ahead: Coretec’s Solicitation of Customers & Partnerships

Michael Kraft’s November 2020 CEO letter delved into Coretec’s partnerships with companies like Theion and Evonik, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the interest we’ve received from the market. Coretec has been soliciting new customers and partnerships as an extremely critical component of commercial viability and corporate success – […]

Getting CHS Into Next-Gen Batteries: Coretec’s Partnership with Theion

One of the most significant milestones noted in our November 2020 CEO letter was Coretec’s newfound partnership with German battery developer, Theion. Behind the scenes, the Coretec team has been working hard on its promise to get its CHS material technology into the hands of manufacturers in energy-focused applications such as electric vehicles, solar, semiconductor, […]