Coretec Shareholder Call & Company Progress

Shareholder Call Series – Part 1 of 11 On July 22nd 2020 the Coretec team hosted a shareholder call to provide a number of updates and spotlight key milestones the company has made over the prior six-months. For those who missed the call, or those wishing a short summary, we’ve put together a condensed shareholder call series to provide you with short snippets of the key areas that the call covered. This series will cover everything from CHS to CSpace, where the company stands and what our next steps are. The call provided updates on a few key areas that we believe our shareholders are most interested in including:
  • The Commercialization of Coretec’s portfolio including CHS and CSpace Focusing on Coretec’s CHS technology, the company has a few select competitive advantages, which no one else is doing or currently can do, which best position CHS for commercialization.
  • Key Partnerships – Over the last few months, Coretec has made substantial announcements about new partnerships for the accelerated commercialization of its CHS technology. Later in this series, we will delve into the most substantial supplier partnership with Evonik.
  • Coretec’s IP – We continue our work in intellectual property (IP),  such as IP for CSpace and newly filed provisional patents for CHS in LED applications. Coretec is building a strong IP portfolio to protect its core technology and how it adds value to other products and systems.
Coretec has made significant progress towards getting its technology in the hands of our customers for application development and has built a strategy that will bring this technology to market. This series will delve into our expanded applications, strengthened IP position, and of course, our key partner and customer relationships for creating a promising future for Coretec. The following ten parts of this series will include the following topics:
  • Coretec’s team
  • Coretec’s timeline
  • Partnership with Evonik
  • Commercialization of CSpace
  • Revenues
  • Competitive advantage (Batteries)
  • Competitive advantage (LEDs)
  • Competitive advantage (Semiconductors)
  • IP portfolio
  • Investments
To learn more about Coretec’s progress, please see page two of the July 2020 shareholder call transcript

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