New Possibilities for Li-ion Batteries

Throughout 2018, I look forward to introducing you to the most promising CHS markets and applications, beginning with our energy storage focus. An exciting article was published recently in The Wall Street Journal, which validates not only our focus to improve battery performance, but also the potential of CHS’s silcon-based technology to do just that. Here is a summary of how The Coretec Group’s technology is poised to make it happen. Lithium ion batteries are a dominant source of energy storage for portable applications, ranging from electronic devices to electric car batteries. For years, advances have been made in energy cycle lifetime, cost and performance. However, continued market growth remains dependent on further improvements in energy density, while maintaining current cost and cycle lifetime. Coretec HexaSilane’s unique liquid state makes it possible to increase energy density by replacing the graphite anode, commonly used in lithium-ion batteries, with silicon-carbon nanostructures and alloys. These materials store more lithium ions- the energy source of a battery-, while demonstrating improved cycle lifetime and cost performance. The Coretec Group is committed to bringing this patented technology to the Li-ion battery market, in order to advance the adoption of alternative energy sources. For more information about The Coretec Group’s CHS technology for energy storage applications, contact our team or view the CHS Li-ion battery application sell sheet.

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