The Coretec Group’s Michael Kraft and Michelle Tokarz To Attend Virtual Semicon West 2020

Semicon West has been one of the leading events for the semiconductor industry for 50 years, focusing on cutting edge innovations in the semiconductor space.  From July 20-23, Michael Kraft, CEO and Michelle Tokarz, Director of Business Development at Coretec will be attending the fully digital conference, tuning into the panels and meeting with exhibitors in virtual exhibit booths to learn more about current efforts in the industry to reduce costs in silicon carbide (SiC) wafer production, as well as other areas our cyclohexasilane (CHS) might have a benefit such as low temperature SiN dielectric formation.   Gone are the days where SiC precursor use is limited due to fabrication complexities. With CHS, manufacturers are able to deposit β-SiC thin films on a variety of substrates with low defect densities and high structural quality, all at a lower operational cost, making it possible to meet consumer demand.  Michael and Michelle will be available to share insights on how CHS makes it possible to deliver higher quality SiC at a lower cost, through the ability to increase growth rates and enhance the efficacy of deposition. The growth rate of β-SiC using CHS is an order of magnitude faster than other silicon precursors. Furthermore, the crystalline quality rivals materials grown by molecular-beam epitaxy. CHS allows for facile p-doping of materials into the β-SiC films, and due to the methods of deposition amenable to a reagent such as CHS continuous growth without unintentional secondary deposits can be achieved. If you’re interested in setting up a meeting, please connect with Michelle Tokarz at or 734-674-7301.

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