It has been a long time since an update.  I want to assure our shareholders we are still diligently working on Coretec’s major programs to create a successful company.  You know we have challenges, as all early stage companies have, and on these we remain focused.  We had to make a change in the source of our CHS and we severed our ties with NDSU because in many areas value was not being realized.  We have surveyed the other options existing and are currently in detailed and confidential discussions with a major international supplier and potential distribution partner for our CHS.  I wish to emphasize “our CHS” as we are focused on building unique Coretec CHS IP.  We’re also working on funding, which is the lifeblood of early stage companies and there are two or possibly three options.  The Coretec staff has worked diligently staying on task even with these many technology and financial issues. Shareholders, I am pleased to inform you that no one has left the team.  We, the Coretec Team, remain steadfast in our belief that CHS (Si6H12) will be a valuable silicon precursor in the very near future to several significant applications and the only question remains is who will be supplying the CHS.  We expect that supplier to be Coretec, and although the hurdles we have encountered have been more than expected, we have not lost faith and we hope that you have not as well.

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