Silicon Anodes

Learnings from PlugVolt 2023

Dr. Michelle Tokarz recently attended the PlugVolt Battery Seminar 2023 and came away with many insights. Perhaps the biggest difference from the previous year is the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act and all of the activities surrounding that legislation. … Read More »

A Visit to Polaris Battery Lab

Dr. Nathanael Downes, Research Scientist, recently visited Polaris Battery Labs in Oregon. It was exciting to work with and learn from the team at Polaris who have years of experience in battery testing and development.… Read More »

The Coretec Group’s Experience at NAATBatt 2023

Dr. Michelle Tokarz, VP of Partnerships and Innovation, recently attended the NAATBatt 2023 conference in Litchfield Park, AZ, interacting with many lithium-ion battery experts and learning more about current trends within the industry, from some of the brightest minds the field has to offer. … Read More »

Charged Up at the Battery Show

In my role as Research Scientist with The Coretec Group, I was excited to learn more broadly about state-of-the-art approaches to battery development and identify by what benchmarks experts in the field determine success in a battery.… Read More »

Industry Tech Preview at The Detroit Auto Show

The Detroit Auto Show provided interesting insights into the future of the automotive industry, particularly electric vehicles. The resounding theme throughout the show was the evolution from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric. The movement toward EV cars was evident by the way they showcased EVs and emphasized emerging EV technology.… Read More »

What We Found Most Exciting at the PlugVolt Battery Seminar 2022

Most players in this ecosystem acknowledge the very real tension between the anticipated increased demand for electric vehicles (and the associated batteries needed to power them) and the current supply chain issues. Strategies that were discussed to attempt to address this tension mainly included innovations in battery technologies needed to increase performance.… Read More »